Floraesters® K-20W

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Asian Consumers Prefer a Nonwoven Face Mask with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS14-058
Better Foundation Coverage with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba in a Primer CS17-104
Consumers Prefer a Foundation Primer with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS17-103
Consumers Prefer a Nonwoven Antibacterial Wipe Containing Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS11-033
Consumers Prefer a Nonwoven Face Mask with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS14-057
Consumers Prefer a Sunless Tanner with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS13-050
Consumers Prefer an Alcohol-Free Toner with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS15-072
Consumers Prefer an Eye Make-Up Primer with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS17-102
Decreased Number of Enlarged Pores and Fine Lines with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS14-060
Deposition of Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba and Florasters® K-100 Jojoba CS09-012
Enhanced Barrier Recovery with Floraesters® K-100 Jojoba and Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba CS11-035
24-Hour Tinted Moisturizer
Ammonia-Free Long Lasting Hair Dye
Anti-Age Cream with Floraesters®
Barrier Repair Foaming Hand Sanitizer
Barrier Repair Hand Sanitizer
Body Wash - Fresh
Body Wash - Relax
Brilliantly Clear Hair Gel
Clear Hydrating Toner
Exfoliating Body Scrub with Biodegradable Ecobeads®
Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Hydrating, Long-Wearing Make-Up Primer
iSerum with L22®
L22® Day Cream with Sunscreen Actives
Long-Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Long-Wearing Creamy Foundation
Moisturizing Face Mask with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba
Pearlized Conditioning Shampoo with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba
PEG-Free Body Wash Featuring Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba
PEG-Free Clear Hydrating Toner
PEG-Free Shampoo with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba
Replenishing All-Day-Hold Foundation Primer
Silicone-Free Hair Water
Silicone-Free, Ultra-Conditioning Shampoo with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba
Smoothing Foot Scrub
Soothing Night Cream
Sunflower Facial Moisturizer
Super-Moisturizing Astringent
Total Pore-Control Astringent
Translucent Hydrating Toner
Water-Resistant/Smudge-Resistant Mascara with K-20W Jojoba
Whisk Away Grays Semi-Permanent Brown Hair Dye
Chemical Name: Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (&) Water
Product Category(s):
Color Cosmetics
Ethnic Hair Care
Facial Cleansers
Hair Care
Shave Preparation
Skin Care
Sun Care
Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba, a jojoba-derived emollient, has high substantivity even after rinsing in water. It acts as a fragrance fixative, enhances skin hydration, and is soluble in alcohol. It has optimum benefits for moisturizing products and can be used in many formulas that would benefit from long-lasting effects.

Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba functions very well in hydroalcoholic systems, and is also soluble in glycols, which makes it a good candidate for use in skin toners and astringents, perfume sprays, and after-shaves. It also enhances skin hydration properties in many formulas. Nova Meter tests show that K-20W Jojoba used in makeup or lotion significantly improves skin hydration for at least 8 hours after application. K-20W Jojoba has also been proven to have good fragrance-fixative properties. In addition, its water-resistance makes it ideal for sport sunscreens and long-wearing makeup that does not dry the skin.