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Chemical Name: Maltodextrin / VP Copolymer
Product Category(s):
Film Formers
Viscosity Control
Ethnic Hair Care
Hair Care
Hair Fixatives
BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer is a newly developed hair fixative polymer designed especially for use in styling products including clear hair gels, spray gels, creams, lotions and mousses. BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer provides the features of exceptional clarity and consumer preferred rheology that are normally associated with synthetic fixative polymers, yet BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer contains more than 50% renewable content. A proprietary, patented hybrid polymer formed by the reaction of NVP and maltodextrin, BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer represents a new way for formulators to create more natural and sustainable styling products while maintaining cost-in-use targets and without any sacrifice of performance properties.

Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent Carbomer compatibility
  • Clear gels with consumer-preferred rheology
  • Performance at low use level
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Low viscosity liquid
  • Equivalent performance to PVP K-30 or PVP/VA
  • Greater than 50% naturally derived
  • Improved sustainability and renewability versus synthetic fixative polymers
  • Compatible with commonly used formulation ingredients
  • Robust and reliable performance, ease of formulation
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 20%
  • Broad range of use
  • Nonionic
  • Requires no neutralization