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Chemical Name: Octylacrylamide / Acrylates / Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Coplymer
Product Category(s):
Film Formers
Hair Care
Hair Fixatives
AMPHOMER® polymer is an exceptionally hard holding acrylic polymer that is widely used in a variety of hair styling aids. This amphoteric acrylic polymer has outstanding curl retention properties. It is a stiff resin with unparalleled holding power for ultimate control in all temperature and humidity conditions. It is also more efficient than other high performance hair spray resins, offering formulators the option of reducing solids for a soft, easy hold with good curl retention, while reducing resin cost. Other important characteristics of AMPHOMER® polymer are sprayability, ease of combing, good solubility and ease of removal upon shampooing.

Features & Benefits:
  • High hydrocarbon propellant tolerance
  • Holds styles under humid conditions
  • Gives very firm hold sprays
  • High performance acrylate polymer
  • Very resistant to humidity
  • Forms strong films
  • Provides additional hold and humidity resistance in styling aids